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Rosemary Hill Wedding – Tayla and Chris

This Rosemary Hill wedding was nothing short of breathtaking!

In fact the whole story starting from how Chris and Tayla met up to this point could actually be made into a full-length feature film…and I am not exaggerating…

The couple met eight years ago – nothing particular unusual about that, I guess, other than that they both lived on opposite ends of the earth from each other and connected via a Facebook Group devoted to a fantasy book series called the ‘The Wheel of Time’. As destiny would have it, the miles between them started ‘evaporating’ as they became closer and closer and after Chris made the trip out from Canada to SA in 2013, fate was sealed and they made the brave step of embarking on a long-distance relationship for the ensuing years (punctuated by a couple of trips back and forth) until Chris eventually took the definitive step in 2016 and relocated to SA to be with Tayla.

I am sure there must be a bunch of details in between, like a marriage proposal, for example, but all I know is this was one of those quickly planned weddings – a mere 6 months in between Tayla’s job and Chris’s Law degree. The two worked tightly and proved that it just is possible to pull off a beautiful and special wedding day within only a few months.

  Chris and Tay, thank you for choosing me to share your day with you. Super bummed that I missed out on The Boss, but every time I listen to him I will think of you. Speaking of which – and I know the two of you will know where this comes from – through all the good times ahead – and I wish you many, many of those, and through the hard times too, there will be some of those as well, always remember this:

I’ll wait for you, And should I fall behind, Wait for me…    – Bruce Springsteen

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And that’s it for now from Ming and the King. Thank you Devon Krige for all your help. I know that carrying your bag and your camera and my bag and my coke whilst shooting at the same time must be challenging, but if there were an award for it you would win hands down!

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