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Forum Homini Wedding – Anita and Nico

Forum Homini Wedding – Anita and Nico

Congratulations Anita and Nico on your Forum Homini Wedding!

Forum Homini in The Cradle of Humankind certainly does offer the best in terms of what a venue has to offer and Anita’s and Nico’s Wedding certainly was a spectacular affair, complete with one of the most spectacular thunderstorms Gauteng had to offer us later on during the evening! 10 years of dating; 10th of the 10th month 2010 and rain on your Wedding Day! What more could a lucky couple ask for?!

Click here to view their fantastically fun preshoot!

Forum Homini Wedding

Anita and her Dad have a mini-rehearsal of the walk down the aisle and share a special moment

Forum Homini Wedding Forum Homini Wedding Forum Homini Wedding

Nico’s first glance of his gorgeous Bride-To-Be…

Forum Homini Wedding Forum Homini Wedding Forum Homini Wedding Forum Homini Wedding

Among his many talents, Nico proved to be an accomplished singer as he serenaded his new Wife

The Speech of Bestman, Dave got off to an auspicious start…

…And then proceeded to take some interesting twists and turns…

…But was appreciated by all despite having been interrupted by a gigantic thunderstorm!

All eyes were on Anita as Nico took to the podium for his Big Moment

Forum Homini Wedding

Thank you Nico and Anita for allowing me an insight into your special relationship. At both your pre-shoot and Wedding I was witness to the incredible love and devotion you share for one another. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the very best in your married lives together – may it be the longest and happiest time!

The photos of Nico before the Ceremony were taken by Devon Krige, my awesome Second Shooter for the day.

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