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Couple Photo Shoot – Greg and Mikela

I met with Greg and Mikela for an Arts on Main photo shoot to celebrate there first anniversary together. We had some great fun shooting in amongst the Sunday Market visitors in the Maboneng Precinct and ended off the shoot on the rooftop of a nearby Art Gallery.

Greg is my nephew and an accomplished musician both in a band and in a solo capacity. He is extremely talented. Mikela is studying to become a psychologist. The two make a great couple.

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001-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot 003-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot 005-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot anniversary photo shoot 008-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot 010-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot 012-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot Arts on main photo shoot Arts on main photo shoot 016-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots 017-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots 018-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots 019-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot 021-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots Arts on main photo shoot 023-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots 024-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots 025-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots 026-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-arts-on-main-photo-shoots

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