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Engagement Shoot Newtown – Camilla and Riaan

Camilla and Riaan’s engagement shoot¬†Newtown took place in this vibrant precinct where we had an amazing time walking the streets and, in amongst a lot of laughter, capturing some great images.

They had both warned me that they were nervous beforehand, but by looking at the photos you would never have guessed!

We discovered the most interesting spots to stop and shoot at and made the most of this bustling area. When I saw an empty car park at the end, I was so excited – for some reason I have always wanted to shoot in an empty underground garage and finally had my opportunity. Fortunately security must have been dozing off behind CCTV!!

engagement session newtown 002-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng engagement shoot newtown 004-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng 005-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng 006-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng engagement shoot newtown 008-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng engagement shoot newtown 010-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng 011-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng 012-couple-photo-shoots-johannesburg-gauteng engagement shoot newtown engagement shoot newtown engagement shoot newtown

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