Marloo Cattle Ranch Wedding – Jeanri and Georg

Marloo Cattle Ranch is a stunning new Wedding Venue in Bronkhorstspruit and when I say stunning, I mean stunning! It’s beautiful and peaceful and a Wedding Photographer’s dream location (as long as you are into a serious 4×4 drive to get to the killer spots!)

However, I digress… This was a Wedding I will never forget. Unique and especially untraditional, it was above all an out-the-box inspiring story of love and of life, and, Jeanri and Georg, if the venue was stunning, you were even more so on your Special Day!

Owing to all of the above, this post is different; it contains no Black and White pics. Yes, that is unusual insofar as Wedding Photojournalism is concerned and it certainly does see me break away from my norm.

Nevertheless, a colourful story may still be told in colour…

As Jeanri’s Grandmother had taken ill a few days before the Wedding and was not able to walk her down the aisle, Jeanri made the daunting journey alone…

During his speech, Georg presented his Mom with an heirloom gift…

Behind the scenes: The making of the Couple in the Jeep shot… Yes, it’s me. And yes, the car was traveling while I was shooting…albeit not fast enough that this shot had to be taken at anything more than a brisk walk:)

 Thanks to Devon Krige for Second Shooting on the day. And for driving. And for protecting me from traveling trees!

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